Has Brexit affected live entertainment at UK events?

The last year seems to have shaken a lot of industries, creating uncertainty and for some a definite downturn.

Speaking from the point of view of The Tzars, a party band which specialises in entertainment for private events, company’s delivering awards evenings, gala dinners, product launches and so on, we have seen a 35% increase in the last years bookings.  Could this be down to the fact the band has been actively innovating, adding new dimensions to the show with the use of new technology in production (enhancing it’s value and uniqueness) or could it be something else?

Having spoken to many colleagues across the industry in production and events delivery, many in fact agree that this year has been busy for private and company events, some more than others. So I wanted to find out more. In my research I looked a little deeper and gathered opinions from industry professionals.

Live entertain at Company christmas party, The audience join the band for a photo.

Nick de Poise of Events Industry Board wrote on Eventbrite’s page “The British events sector is hugely respected for its creativity and strength. Britain is open to doing business with the rest of the world. We can go far and drive relationships and do more around the world. It is an opportunity for the sector to do very well in markets we haven’t been as active in. I’m hugely optimistic for the sector.

Meanwhile Fiona Pelham of Chair Meeting Professionals international said  “Every day, people decide where to hold their events. So if I was a big association based outside the UK and I was choosing between the UK and another European city and I wanted a low-risk option, I think if I had to make that decision today, I would probably choose another European city.

“I’m not saying no events are ever going to come here and this is not a comment about the fantastic level of offering and service the UK provides, this is a comment about uncertainty, it’s fair enough to say that people won’t be choosing uncertainty.”

Perhaps we are still on the wave of a growing industry and we haven’t felt the change of Brexit yet, or perhaps the events industry and its professionals are so highly regarded that it won’t have a great impact.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.