New Event Tech. Virtual Reality Onstage With Live Band

Join A Live Party Band Onstage in Virtual Reality

Often at live shows members of the audience join the band onstage for some fun. Maybe that’s not for everyone, but what if everyone in the room could experience that feeling without fear or inhibition? Even better, what if you could provide that experience to people you know on the other side of the world? Without them actually being at the event? The Tzars party band, specialising in corporate events have been working with Virtual Reality to create an onstage experience. Offering those a little shy or located elsewhere an opportunity of joining the band onstage and to experience the live show from a different perspective. Such an experience offers extended reach for audience in the room and to those that you’d like to connect with but are unable to attend the live event.

Here’s a few examples of live in action performances from The Tzars latest shows. Strap on your VR headset, Google cardboard or even just view via your mobile phone to experience the live show like you were onstage with the band.

Please note you have to view these videos on youtube itself to see them in full virtual reality. 

With this being an emerging tech there are a number different 360 and VR players available. Some are better than others in across the different browsers and operating systems. I believe this will become more stable over time.

So if you find an issue with the embedded players Click here to view some of our 360/VR live clips using the youtube app on a mobile device.
Here’s another clip. The visual immersive experience looks even better from this corporate event, filmed on a 360 stage.

For corporate events and private parties or any live performance, virtual reality offers a great experience for entertainment providers and event organisers; a new level of engagement to audience members and for those brands looking to have a little more reach on product launches, exhibitions, conferences, awards events and more.

So what do you think, is live entertainment in Virtual Reality here to stay?

Does virtual reality really have a place in corporate events? Maybe one day people won’t even go to see live bands, maybe it’ll all be done via social media platforms. Maybe touring bands will be a thing of the past, I certainly hope not! I think we can all admit, there is nothing quite like the energy of an audience and band, live in the moment of complete, explosive performance, so it may not be the complete future. But it does pose the question of whether it is a viable new way of connecting people. It’s an interesting time for new technology and its use in the events industry. There are countless applications becoming more accessible. I look forward to seeing what more innovators have in mind in 2o17 and onwards. Have your say, drop your thoughts in the comment section.